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By Integrated Design Commission SA


The Collaborative City Exhibition, open to the public 15-26 October, is the culmination of a year of work developing the Integrated Design Strategy for inner Adelaide. Work which all of you, as part of our online community, have helped us with. After 12 months of collaborating and listening, three key themes emerged – highlighting that good places are not just about the buildings, roads and pipes but about the daily lives of people.  


To make great places for people, there need to be processes that put people’s needs first.  The work in this exhibition is about improving people’s daily lives, improving processes and improving our urban networks as a whole.


The Collaborative City Exhibition invites you to come and take a look at this work, and collaborate by giving us your feedback on our proposals for people, processes and urban networks. Your feedback, as well as the outcomes of all of the events which will happen in this space throughout October, will help to form the final document of the Integrated Design Strategy for inner Adelaide. Read more...


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By Integrated Design Commission SA


On Tuesday 14 August 2012, the Premier announced the new Office for Design and Architecture SA (ODASA), which will be led by the South Australian Government Architect, Benjamin Hewett.
The ODASA will be a small multi-disciplinary team tasked with the role of providing strategic advice to government and leadership about design processes, architecture and urban design. ODASA will play an important leadership role in taking forward, and embedding across government, the outcomes of the Integrated Design Commission.
The announcement was made to key representatives of the design community at the Design South Australia launch.  This unique publication demonstrates how a thriving design community helps to bring vibrancy to ourcity, homes and to our everyday lives.  Please explore the images from this extraordinary showcase of our thriving creative industries here.

The ODASA is uniquely placed within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, allowing it to work across all agencies and ensure good design is strongly connected to the government’s strategic priorities.


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By Integrated Design Commission SA


The Integrated Design Commission SA is pleased to be supporting the The Living Future Institute Australia public lecture in Adelaide on Friday 24 August 2012. The event will be held in the Hetzel Theatre, State Library of South Australia from 4pm-5pm with refreshments to follow.


The newly established Living Future Institute Australia invites you to celebrate their launch with a public lecture by Jason McLennan, international thought leader in the green architecture movement.   Jason McLennan, CEO of the International Living Future Institute and founder of the Living Building Challenge, will share his first-hand knowledge of and unique insights about the Challenge.


Register to attend the free public lecture at eventbrite.


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By Integrated Design Commission SA


The Integrated Design Commission SA is pleased to welcome Mimi Crowe as the new General Manager. We asked her to give us an insight into her background and what she hopes to be involved in, in her new role.


Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?  What is your background?

A: Well, I suppose the obvious start is that I am originally from Seattle, Washington USA.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Theatre and worked as an actor and drama teacher in the US and Ireland before moving to Australia in 2001. Since being in Adelaide I've been working in arts administration.  I completed my Graduate Diploma in Arts Management in 2006 and an MBA in 2011 from Uni SA.  I've been at Arts SA since 2006 as Manager, Cultural Heritage working with the major cultural heritage institutions in Adelaide.



Q: I thought the Integrated Design Commission was coming to an end?  Why would you move there?

A: I wondered that myself at first when I heard the announcement! But there is still so much to do, the work that has started will keep going through the Government Architect.  In fact, being a part of an organisation in transition like this is really exciting for me.  I love the idea that I'm not only going to be a part of such a passionate and inspirational organisation, but that I will get to help form it into what will continue for South Australia. That is really exciting.  When you have momentum like this, it is figuring out what you don't want to do, as much as what you do.  That is a pretty good position to be in.


Read more from Mimi Crowe, General Manager, IDCSA


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By Commissioner for Integrated Design, Tim Horton

Excerpt from Art History > Design Future: Illustrating Adelaide



I was asked to speak at the Art Gallery of South Australia’s SA Illustrated exhibition on the place for illustration. It seemed a great chance to explore the lost art of illustration in urban settings, and to use some contemporary images to ask - what can we learn from adelaide’s urban past in shaping it’s future? Speaking to a small lunch time ‘salon’ it was also a good chance to be controversial and to suggest that many of these images are - wait for it - fraudulent misrepresentations of life. That they are not moments frozen in time. But they are idealized depictions of how we wanted to see ourselves back then. And that this was not a bad thing.


In the process I explored the need for a mix of sound science and evidence - and the creative genius of our collective imagination - to create an Adelaide of the future. What can art history tell us about our design future? Well firstly, I come from the world of design. And many times we debate the difference between art and design. It’s been said that art can change how we see the world around us. And that design can change the world around us. This explains why art has such a central place in the world of design. Art can be a tool for design, just as design can be a tool for urban planners, mayors and premiers. This portraiture of a city captures a time, and captures it in it's best light. So why are these images about an idea of a place? Read more

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